Friday, February 10, 2012


Last night we were part of the opening preview of the science gallery's latest exhibtion EDIBLE. The show consists of wonderful experiments with food featuring the likes of Seattle Food Geek and his wall of centrifuged fruits & vegetables. Julian abraham & his fermentation madness, it is an incredible exhibition.

For the preview party we were asked to do a multi sensory event using sound and jelly. We had three different jellys and three sounds. We asked guests to listen to all three sounds and pick the most appetising one, essentially tasting with their ears. We told nobody what was in any of the jellies and we are putting it up here for people to find out. We have also posted the sounds below so they can listen again.

The three jellies were,
Sparkling lemon & thyme with white chocolate

Rhubard & custard

Roasted beetroot, walnut & honey, with black pepper parsnip crisps

This was the first of two events we will be doing in the science gallery over the course of EDIBLE, the second will be a curated supper club where we will interpret the tastes of Dublin through design & food, we will be working on this with honorary goat, barista/chef Peter Williams.

To find out more about EDIBLE click here.

All photography by Kevin Brew.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Multi Sensory Event

As part of Design Week in Dublin, last night we hosted a multi sensory design event which was based around our continuing work with sound and food design. We invited 150 to take part in the event and the place was full. Guests were welcomed in the door with a jelly and a beer. There was a choice of two jellies at the door, a mango and chilli and a bluberry prosecco, which was had with a Tiger beer.

Guests were then guided to the centre of the room there were 4 speaker boxes, each playing different piece of music, the music was designed to represent a flavour of jelly. Each speaker box was marked on the underside by a graphic.

After listening to the music guests were asked to pick their favourite, or the most appetising sound. They were then given one of four jellies. None of the flavours were mentioned as we wanted everyone to guess and use their senses, starting with their hearing.

Below we have posted the music from last night and the flavours of Jelly they represented. We would love to know peoples thoughts on the night, so please email us at or tweet at us @wearedesigngoat.

  Quince, Maple Syrup and Shortbread by Designgoat

 Orange and Cardamom Blamanche by Designgoat

 Lavender and Lime by Designgoat

 Coke and Bacon by Designgoat

Thanks to Designist for allowing us to take over their store, tiger for the beer and home organics for the fruit and veg that made the jelly, Barbara Flynn for the photographs and Shane Kenna for the flyers and posters!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

NCAD Industrial Design

NCAD Industrial Design graduate website, 2011.