Monday, August 30, 2010

El Bulli

great short video about El Bulli chef and world famous gastronomy genius Ferran Adria,
thanks to nowness


new autumn winter collection by Arms, uses some great quality fabrics but its the attention to the finer details and subtle touches that make these pieces amazing. Check out more at madeforyoubyarms

Alexander Hulme

Alexander Hulme has some lovely industrial and conceptual work, my favourite is the very simple calculator pictured above, and the circular doorstop too. Though his book of play below, where he shows you how you can make toys from everyday objects found around the home, is also very nice. Check out more at his site.

Shifting Perspective

Down Side Up

This range, 'Down Side Up' by fabrica is an encounter between experimentation and consumption, where design challenges shapes, volume perception and directions to create objects with constantly varying functions and interpretations.

By adding a few essential accessories like legs, handles, hooks or hands, and by choosing a precise orientation, a simple basic wood unit has been transformed into something new with a unique personality.

These pieces are on show at the venice biennal.

thanks to memag for the images,

Friday, August 27, 2010

42°RAW, Copenhagen

42°Raw is a wonderful copenhagen salad bar, serving unique salads and smoothies. Some salads contain odd mixes such as watermelon and beetroot, strawberry and olive, avocado and cherry tomato which comes with a high tech powdered dressing which melts into an amazing vinaigrette. The food has been designed by danish chefs and food designers, I am Kombo (detailed post on their work is coming soon).

avocado tomat salat

42 raw

the interior is as tasty as the food, with tiered like seating, with cushions from hay give the place a more homely atmosphere and the smell of fresh fruit fills the room and the street outside.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Autarky is a series of vessels & lampshades made using the simplest materials and techniques by two eindhoven based Italian designers, Formafantasma. The pieces are made from 70 percent flour, 20 percent agricultural waste and 10 percent natural limestone, and then naturally dried or heated at a low temperature. The finished material weighs less than ceramic. Colours are created using dyes from vegetables and spices such as paprika and cinnamon. Cinnamon has a strangely good reaction with the materials, it makes it more elastic and less crackable.

Avehideshi Architects

Tobacco by Avehideshi Architects and Associates

one person house/ tobacco shop in Osaka Japan by Japanese architects Avehideshi Architects.

Tobacco by Avehideshi Architects and Associates

Tobacco by Avehideshi Architects and Associates

Anish Kapoor

turning the world upside down,

Jeongwha Seo & Hanna Chung

'ripple effect tea table' by korean industrial designer jeongwha seo in partnership with
hanna chung is a reflection of eastern mentality towards social relationships. Part of the graduation project from Design Academy Eindhoven's IM masters.

according to the designers, easterners commonly believe that small changes
of an individual person or object can make big impact on the larger society, thus,
leading to a modest and totalitarian culture. this social tendency described as a
'ripple effect' was translated here into tea ceremony table.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Norse Projects & Ally Capellino

Norse x Ally Capellino Fall/Winter 2010 Mountain Rucksack

As you know, designgoat love bags so when i saw that one of my favourite bag designers Ally Capellino was working with another favourite nordic label norse projects, i got excited and the results are wonderful


photographer Dan Wilton and director Huan Monfaradi have produced a collaborative exhibition, Fuck Off, I Love You. A series of sixty face contorting portraits in mid-swear, showing in Londonewcastle project space.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tom Dixon Felt Shade

Jamie Hayon

crystal candy set for baccara

Established & Sons: Tudor Chair

Tudor Chair for Established & Sons

Established & Sons: Tudor Chair

Showtime chair

Showtime High Back Chair by Jaime Hayon

he has worked with camper to create shoes and a concept interior for one of their stores

lighting for matalarte

I have followed the work of Jamie Hayon for some time now and he creates some truly beautiful products, i feel along with marcel wanders he is creating a new aesthetic in decadent luxury design, using modern techniques and finishes. Although somethimes it can look over the top i think there is a good mix simplicity with extravagence

Monday, August 16, 2010

a.l.x architects




located in Yokohama, Japan.